Examples of Our Work

U.N.I. Engineering designed four petroleum storage terminals consisting of fifteen 100,000-barrel tanks in the Northeast. Terminals typically want to store as much as they safely can, and the municipalities they reside in want to strictly control development. After researching the governing Codes, we measured the existing sites and prepared layouts of tankfields for the clients and the towns to approve. We designed the piled foundations, tank nozzle and stair arrangements, pumps, manifolds, and piping to get product to and from the tanks. Grounding, lighting, instrumentation, control, grading, drainage, and fire protection were also needed.

Some of our clients in Long Island, NY wanted to completely overhaul their truck loading racks. We were asked to come up with top and bottom loading systems for kerosene, diesel, and gasoline. Most of the loading arms can accommodate injection of proprietary fuel additives, ethanol, dye, lubricity, and heat force. U.N.I. designed the loading racks, including the structures, canopies, concrete, piping, control valves, pumps, control system, terminal automation system. Lighting, wiring, conduit, fiber optic cabling, and grounding. In one case we specified a vapor recovery unit, while another needed a thermal oxidizer to burn unwanted vapors. Two facilities needed oil-water separators to manage their Stormwater and spills from trucks. All of them needed foam fire protection systems.

We have been called on to engineer systems to transfer products to and from ships, barges, railcars, trucks, and pipelines. A recent project needed our expertise to design a pig launcher and pig catcher for a new pipeline. This project needed complex instrumentation, telemetry, and a densitometer to separate products that are pumped from one company to another. At one end, a substation was planned to provide power to the pipeline pumps.

So whether a client needs a consulting engineer, a new terminal with storage tanks, truck loading racks, marine unloading, or pipelines, we can assist them. We maintain professional engineering licenses in twenty-eight states, and employ a staff of some fifty people. U.N.I. Engineering is flexible enough to economically handle projects from a few thousand dollars to $25 million dollars and more.